Custom Tracks:

We currently have two recording studios working 7 days a week, producing Custom Backing Tracks to order.

"Unfortunately, as some people think, we do not just press a button and out pops a backing track". Some tracks can take 1 to 3 days in production time to complete.

We DO NOT Remove vocals from the original recording.


Custom track pricing begins at around $100.00 AUD - depending on the track.

Example: A Three and a half minute broadway track could cost around $200.00.

If the production requires session musicians such as guitar players (which GOOD don't come cheap) the price can easily end up in excess of $500.00 AUD

WHAT WE NEED: is the title and performer of the original version you are after and in most cases an audio of the original to work from. This can be posted to us or sent via email as an .MP3 audio file.

DELIVERY: All delivery times quoted are effective after confirmation of payment and are delivered either via MP3 email or arrangement can be made for the finished track to be delivered on CD via post.