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Mp3 Music Backing Track Downloads, NO VOCALS OR BACKING VOCALS (with the exception of KARAOKE TRACKS). All Styles of Music for Dance, Drama, Eisteddfod, Competition, Recording and Live Performance. Tracks delivered as digital Mp3 downloads or postage can be arranged. For Custom Produced Tracks or if you require any further information, please Contact Us.



Purchase & Download Information:

You select the track you want by clicking on the Add to Cart Button.
This takes you to the shopping basket. Click continue shopping to add more tracks.
Once you finish on the shopping basket enter your email address then click checkout.
You will be redirected to paypal.  You will have the choice to pay directly with your credit card or if you have paypal to use that.
After payment you will be redirected back to our web site A+ Download where you can download the files directly from the return page.
You also receive an email with a login account to download the files as an option.
Please contact us if you need further support.


Problems with download: Try different browsers. If you have any further problems please contact us for assistance.

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About The Tracks:

All Backing Tracks include an introduction for key and starting point recognition.

All Backing Tracks include a defined ending NO FADE OUTS (unless otherwise stated or important to the song/show structure).

All Backing Tracks do not include any VOCALS what so ever (unless otherwise stated) making them perfect for vocal, dance and performance competition.

NOTE: Karaoke/Backing Tracks (In Our Karaoke Section) may include Backing Vocals)


If You require your tracks delivered by post on CD - please contact us before purchase with your track titles. Postage rates may apply. Purchases outside Australia may wait up to 2 weeks to receive delivery..

Other Payment Methods:

Other Payment Methods Accepted: Direct Bank Deposit - Cheque - Money Order

Note: Deposits and cheques etc need to be confirmed and/or cleared before delivery. Please contact us for more information.

Key Changes:

Most of our tracks can be changed to the required key.

Once again, NO we do not just press a button and the key is automatically changed. First the original track has to be located in our archive, the the producer will change each instrument to allow for the correct octave.

Cost:Approx $15.00 AUD depending on the track.

Note: Not all tracks can be changed in key - please contact us with the title of the particular track you need changed.

Custom Tracks:

We currently have two recording studios working 7 days a week, producing Custom Backing Tracks to order.

PRICING: "Unfortunately, as some people think, we do not just press a button and out pops a backing track". Some tracks can take up to 3 days in production time to complete.

Custom track pricing begins at around $33.00 AUD - depending on the track.

If the production requires session musicians such as guitar players (which GOOD don't come cheap) the price can easily end up in excess of $150.00AUD

WHAT WE NEED: is the title and performer of the original version you are after and in most cases an audio of the original to work from. This can be posted to us or sent via email as an .MP3 audio file.

DELIVERY: All delivery times quoted are effective after confirmation of payment and are delivered either via MP3 email or arrangement can be made for the finished track to be delivered on CD via post.

License To Backing Tracks:

The Pump Room Site and Service offer digital musical backing track downloads to customers in the form of a limited license ("License"). subject to the following limitations:

a. You obtain no ownership interest whatsoever in Backing Tracks.

b. Under the License, Company expressly forbids resale, re-licensing, or other distribution of all tracks, either as they exist as downloaded from Site or any modification thereof. You cannot assign, lease, lend, rent, upload or download to or from any database or server, or transfer any or all of the tracks to another user, or use them in any competitive product.

i. Tracks may be used for "Live Performance" and "Recording" - though local Public Performance regulations should be adhered to.

ii. You should contact Company contact us if you have any questions about the above criteria.

Refund Policy:

Except for 'exceptions and remedies' shown below, The Pump Room will not issue a refund on MP3 backing tracks when the song files have been downloaded.
Exceptions and remedies:
1: Where the song file fails to play.
 The Pump Room will fix the fault and resend a working song file within 2 working days.
2: Where the song title is different from the actual song
  The Pump Room will swap the incorrect song for the correct song within 2 working days.